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Please Note: This Challenge is open for anyone in New Zealand to participate and gather DONATIONS for there local Salvation Army FOODBANK.

To be a part of this challenge you must fill in your details and your chosen Salvation Army Foodbank, then gather the fund-raised funds for your cause and deposit the push up money into the account provided. At the End of the challenge please contact us and we will forward your money to the chosen Foodbank.

Our AIM is with the help of New Zealand & Team Foleys Boxing Gym, we intend to raise a lot of money for Foodbanks to benefit our children & communties.

What has started off as just a NZ lockdown pass time by Regan Foley has turned into something much bigger and we hope to have some real meaning in supporting our communities when under pressure.

*So please Donate or Join the challenge*


This challenge was inspired by his Regan's wife - Veronica Foley and her dedication to her fitness and helping other people with depression throughout lockdown. Her enthusiasm and dedication shown through her fitness to keeping her routines strong, is a great reminder for our mental health, energy levels and maintaining a great attitude every day.


Working out everyday is habit forming and I'd say pretty much everyone wants to look great and feel amazing?

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Push Ups for FOODBANKS
Leave a one-time donation on this form please
Challenge Dates are:
30 days from JULY 6 (Mon) - AUGUST 4 (Tues)
Please DONATE MONEY to help our Salvation Army FOOD BANKS
Our Collective Target of 1million Push Ups in 30 days
Please choose one of the challenges:
A. The Greatest 1000 push ups / each day for 30 days per person (named after Muhammed Ali)
B. The Hands of Stone 500 push ups / each day for 30 days per person (named after Roberto Duran)
C. The Smokin 250 push ups / each day for 30 days per person (named after Smokin' Joe Frazer)
D. The Raging Bull 100 push ups / each day for 30 days per person (named after Jake Lamotta)
30 Day Challenge begins on MONDAY JULY 6th at a location and time of your choice. You must post a section of your every day journey on your Facebook or Instagram social media page and HashTag #pushupsforfoodbanks #teamfoleys #30days #salvationarmy
Show us and all the people donating to you that you are following through with your challenge and they can share in your pain joy and accomplishments.
TeamFoleys are challenging people across New Zealand to join us in a push up challenge to raise money for food banks. 30 days begins JULY 6th 2020.
One push-up at a time, we are hoping to feed hundreds. A Push up, is exercising to end childhood and community hunger. Wouldn't it be awesome to keep warm this July And reach a collective goal of 1 Million Push ups throughout New Zealand
Please contact us if you want to participate in raising funds for your local FOOD BANK. Raise funds and be apart of our total push up tally.
Choose ONE Push Up Level:

Thanks for joining the challenge!

Team Foleys is the name of our Amateur Boxing Club at Boxfit Studio. 

Our Head Coach Regan Foley who was ranked second in the world for the Light Heavy weight Division in 1997. Representing New Zealand and his fathers tough Family Club 'Shamrock Boxing Gym' Regan has had many competition bouts in New Zealand and Overseas. In March 1998 Regan got severely run down due to over training and lost temporarily use of his legs and missed out on the Commonwealth Games that year. He then had his professional debut with Coach Kevin Barry but his career was cut short due to bad hand injuries. Regan fought and bet opponents like ex world champion Jeff Lacy, also he fought Joe Louis' grandson Limmie Young and won against 4 top international amateurs that had had over 300 fights. he only had 4 pro fights before the curtain was pulled.

This pushed Regan to follow a path of coaching. With over 25 years in Boxing Training Experience. In 2017 Regan was the sole NZ Boxing Coach at the World Youth Female Championships held in India.

Team Foleys has produced many successful top Amateur Boxers including Former and Current New Zealand Champions. 

If you want to be a part of a great team then look no further than Team Foleys & train with boxing science 'Hit without being Hit'.

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