You can just get down and start doing pushups every day, add a few every day and eventually, you will get to your 1,000 mark. However, this may not be the most efficient way to do things. If you’re like most of us, time is something that’s hard to come by so we want to get you to a point where you’re doing 1,000 pushups in under an hour, or better, under 30 minutes. Note: for me I have tried many ways of reaching 1000 so the below advice worked for me best. Sitting at 96kg 30 minutes is a very distant dream, getting under 1 hour is definitely doable but for now my best time is 1 hour 3 minutes and for the 30 day challenge starting on July 6th I wont be looking to beat that until after it finishes, as I want to tapper 10 days out to reach 100% without aches and pains from the beginning. Also below I will go through correct technique of a push up.


Tracking will be absolutely VITAL for this. You want to see yourself increasing in amount every day and see how hard you need to push next round. This serves as great motivation and makes sure you’re upping the amount daily.

What I did was just set some realistic daily goals for pushups and left the section for “Actual” and Time completed blank to fill in every day. It’s important to not overestimate yourself here and set some realistic goals.

Make sure you gauge yourself based on your ability whether it’s more or less. I suggest setting modest goals and demolishing them, rather than setting unrealistic goals and falling behind.

You will see I gave myself a break before I knew what I was capable of hitting the same number daily so I can have time to progress at a certain pace.

To make sure you increase daily, set a first-week goal below what you are currently physically capable of. If you don’t know what that is, start two days before the date on the tracker and see how many pushups you can do, for how long, using the method we will describe below to get an idea of where your goals need to start. It’s important to do this before you create the tracker because you don’t want to ruin momentum once you get going, it will be an everyday grind.


As far as work out equipment goes all you need is a floor. However, there some tools that you will need for tracking purposes.

A Stopwatch – I use my iPhone for this and just let the time run and clock it once the entire workout is complete. I like to take the split time down for each 100 so I can look back through my progress from week to week. Make sure you have something that makes the time visible the entire time, this will be important.

A Note Pad – Digital or paper is fine, but you want to write down how many pushups you did after each set and always save it so you can compare how your sets are progressing day after day. I had my previous day set in front of me so that I can make sure I either match or top them. See below the way I write my split times to cross off.

The Tracker – Make sure you have this on hand after each workout and complete it before you even take a sip of your water.

Your balls – Figuratively speaking of course because we are not leaving the ladies out of this one. This workout takes heart, so make sure you leave that quitter mentality out of it and come to crush it.


We want to try and get these sets done as quickly as possible. The level of fitness when you’re starting will absolutely determine how fast you will be able to get to 1,000. That being said, this workout is for beginners and vets, so no matter where you’re starting, you will be able to get to 1,000. On my first day, I was only able to do 120 pushups in 7 minutes.

The best and most efficient way that I found to do push-ups is Every Minute on The Minute(EMOM). This is a concept made popular CrossFit but it can be applied to any exercises and is my favorite way to do calisthenics.

EMOM means that you begin your next set every time the clock strikes the minute mark, no matter when you finished your last set. Meaning your rest period will vary but you will drop and do your next set of pushups every time you see :00 at the end of the clock.

So it’s exactly what it sounds like, you do a set every minute on the minute. Your rest period will vary. Even if you only have 5 seconds of a break, get down and do the next set anyway 5 seconds later. Chances are you won’t do as many and have a longer rest the next period. As you go further into the workout your rest periods will increase because you will tire quicker which helps.

This is good to vary with doing your set amounts like 17 every minute or 10 pushups EMOM and try to reduce the time from 1minute, in which I'm down to just 10 pushups every 30-38seconds until i reach 600 then fatigue sets in and my EMOM slows down.

With the first method, you can do 600 pushups in an hour if you just do 10 pushups per minute. This makes it much easier to get to 1,000 in a quicker fashion. You will also be surprised at your progression as the days go by. You will find that you do more pushups per set, cutting your time shorter.

ALSO THE IDEA IS TO - START RIGHT, FINISH RIGHT. Correct your technique always. Don't do yourself an injury, its easy to get carried away and do too much when the adrenaline is pumping before you are ready. Try not to wreck yourself for the next day.

my fastest:

1000 Push up splits -63mins 20sec as below per 100

1) 0 seconds begin

2) 38seconds

3) 1:16

4) 1:54

5) 2:32

6) 3:10

7) 3:48

8) 4:26

9) 5:04

10) 5:42

11) 6:20

Time splits for 1000 Pushups over 60mins

1) 0 seconds begin

2) 30

3) 1min

4) 1:30

5) 2:00

6) 2:30

7) 3:00

8) 3:30

9) 4:00

10) 4:30

11) 5:00

This is how I write each set of 10 and cross off the row of 100 pushups.












Make sure you pull your shoulders down as far as they go. Keep your elbows down at a 45 degree angle and the squeeze your lower shoulder blades as you push up and as you go down. For extra full body workout as you do the press up squeeze your buttocks and tighten the core.

It’s optional to go all the way down and touch the floor (or towel) with your nose or in the Guinness book of records the recorded technique is to go down far enough to be table top from elbow to elbow, flat across the back.

You must lock your elbows when you rise to the top to complete your push-up.

Correct technique will prevent you from injuring your back & shoulders.

Remember ‘No excuses’

If you can believe it, you can achieve it!

#DreamBig #WorkHard

Tough times don’t last but Tough people do!


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