BLOG: 3 Workout Challenges that will wow you when you’ve done them

Updated: May 8, 2020

Do you want to be proud and amazed of yourself at the same time?

Well... here we go, brace yourselves.

3 ideas how to challenge your body and fitness. Note: All challenges can be modified to suit level of fitness.

No.1 - David Goggins 48hour Stay Hard Running Challenge (Hard)*****

No.2 - 7 DAY Kick Start Challenge (Medium to Easy)***

No.3 - David Goggins 30day Press up Challenge (Hard)*****

Hope you’ve been busy working out because we certainly have been.

  • No.1

Were been doing the ‘Stay Hard’ Challenge! (run 4miles every 4hours for 48hours). Roughly that’s 77.16kilometres over 48hours=12 runs.

This is a challenge that David Goggins completes annually. If you don’t know who David Goggin’s is he is an ex navy seal that was named the toughest athlete on the planet. He does a series of 100kilometre plus Ultra Marathons each year and challenges his body to its max with extreme workout outs. Also he held the world record for press ups at one stage. He is an expert at pushing the mind and body beyond what we conceive is possible. Truely inspiring. I definitely recommend you study this guys mindset if you want inspiration to get up and go. Here’s his Instagram page:

Just to be clear David Goggins challenges us to either Run, Bike, Swim or do calesthetics to get through this challenge. So mixing it up is a great way to achieve this goal of 48hours of exercise.

Both your trainers Regan & Veronica Foley vowed to do this challenge then our members Lachlan Hamilton-Ralph, Lafi Loia and our retired fire fighter Rob Ness decided to jump on in and do the challenge. Amazingly we all finished the gruelling challenge and are very proud to complete this huge milestone over during our lockdown.

Click on this link to see this story & challenge on Boxfit Studio:

  • No.2 The Nessie Challenge

DAY Kick Start Challenge (Medium to Easy)

This is a great challenge to do at home or work, theres only one catch you must do it 4 times per day for 7 days. Heres your choices of how you do it: Option 1) Workout at 6am | 10am | 2pm | 6pm This gets your metabolism pumping and burning much faster.

Option 2) Double up with 2 sets of each exercise and only do two workouts per day, say 6am before work and 6pm after work.

Option 3) Complete each days workout in just one quick blitz by doing 4 sets of each exercise per day.

If you add it up it’s 28 quick workouts and a huge 2,352 exercises in just one week! Well done!

  • No.3 (start date 6th July)

David Goggins 30days times 1000 Press ups per day Challenge


Well a few of us at Boxfit Studio have decided to train and build up towards this massive goal. We have a couple of months. Imagine doing as many press ups as a US NAVY SEAL

Note: the daily numbers can be changed to suit your Fitness level, for exampLe: 500 per day or 200 per day etc.

ive it a go my peeps it’s only going to build a better you. ”Stay Hard” and stay motivated.

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