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See why our Boxfit Class is so popular.  Partner up for focus pad work and learn combo's as well as drills on the boxing bags.  A non contact, fun and great cardio workout to challenge the mind and the body.   We also target total body conditioning including core and cardio fitness a total body fat blasting session.

This class if for a beginner to advanced fitness levels and we incorporate advanced focus partner pad work.  You will need to have completed the Beginner's Introduction and are ready to progress on from the  Beginner Boxfit Classes.

Duration 45 minutes Tuesday and Thursday 60 minute session Saturday morning 9am

Sparring:  Team Foley's

Become part of a great team! For those wanting to learn to box for competition and participate in Amateur Boxing.   Includes contact sparring, boxing technique and drills as well as fitness sessions.  

Please note.  The head boxing trainer will determine if you are ready to join these sessions you may need to complete the Beginner's Introduction and Fighter Introduction before joining the Amateur Training.  You will need 16oz Boxing Gloves, Head Gear and Mouth guard are compulsory.

Duration 60 - 90 minute session.

Our sessions help to increase your muscle tone, lowers body fat and improve your core strength

as well as providing a great total body workout

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