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"Welcome to Boxfit Studio - You're going to get healthier, fitter and stronger like never before"

For Men and Women

Achieve your goals, and more while building a wider range of skills in a fun, team environment.

Boxing engages the whole body, you will disscover co-ordination and speed of reaction while your muscles get leaner and stronger

Here's what you'll experience at Boxfit Studio


"Yes this is the place"

"Why we picked Boxfit Studio for our daughter Chantelle"
               Carmen Collinson - Glendowie

"We Train great people here at Boxfit Studio"




Contact us:

Boxfit Studio

(Upstairs in the YMCA Stadium)

36-44 Lagoon Drive, Panmure

Auckland 1072

New Zealand

Regan Foley: 021 525 688

Veronica Foley: 021 537 574

Email: info@boxfit.co.nz

Website: www.boxfit.co.nz